February 25, 2008

Director’s Interview

Make Movies puts our 10 questions to Brandon Hamilton, director of The Man From Hades.

MM: What inspired the story?

BH: Classic Film Noir, Greek mythology, and my own pathetic love life.

MM: What were you going for with this film?

BH: Something new, something big; bigger than I’ve previously done.

MM: Do you feel that you achieved that?

BH: I think making the film was an achievement in itself. I had 3 shooting days, a skeleton crew, and the most actors and locations I’ve ever worked with. I also cut the film overnight in 7 hours. I get tired just thinking about it.

MM: What did you learn while making the film?

BH: To trust my crew. Having acted in my film I had to put much more responsibility on my crew, given they were seeing the shots and watching the acting. I had to rely on them to tell me when we had a good take or to when to do it again, and they did a killer job.

MM: What are you working on now?

BH: An 80’s style vampire flick.

MM: What do you hope to be doing 2 years from now?

BH: Making movies.

MM: What’s the hardest part of making a movie?

BH: Getting the first shot. It’s a scary thing but once you get past it the rest is a blast.

MM: What films inspire you?

BH: The kind that make you forget you’re even watching a film.

MM: What do you think about the current state of the movie business?

BH: They should lay off the CGI. It doesn’t look as good as they want us to think it does. But the advent of HD allows more people the chance to make films for considerably less, which is great for any upstart indie filmmaker.

MM: What does the web mean to independent filmmakers now?

BH: It means we can get our movies seen, which to me is the whole point of making them.